Builder Application (GING3RX)

IGN and past IGN’s:GING3RX


Discord username:A. Ollerhead#4979

How long have you played MunchyMC?:1/3 months

Please link a portfolio of all your most recent build projects:

Please tell us more about your FAVOURITE and PROUDEST build: my fav. build is what i call cliff mansion because of its location and how its hanging of the cliff. It is my fav build because of the time it took to map it out and get the blocks and everything down. Estimate 1.5 weeks. to complete and finish along with the interior and Out terior.

How experienced are you with World Edit, Voxel and other relevant plugins?: Yes i am familiar with it, but not the best 4/10. everything i build is mostly hand made no world Edit.

Describe your build specialty and weaknesses (detailing, terraforming, structures, etc.): My build Specialty is that i am creative and can finish everything faster then most of the people i have worked with. Weaknesses i have mostly one weakness witch is World Edit.

What is your history of building? Which build teams and/or servers have you worked for in the past? i have worked with AppleCraft, MineVille, My own Server

Describe yourself:i would describe myself as kind, respectful. because i now what i am doing when it comes to respect and how you should treat someone if they are going through some are times or just mad.

-1 You have faked your builds in your application.

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Me and some friends made a rebuild but i was the one that started it. it should be exact except in tirerior. shouldhave pointed that out in ap. my b

If you steal builds you will get an instant denial on your application.

Explain this then, and even if you did recreate it, why would you take the exact same screenshot from the exactly same angle and use exactly the same filters? and why only take one picture? It wouldn’t even have showed your skill as a builder, it just shows that you can replicate builds. It was built by someone else and you have not replicated it, you will be denied, admit to it at least and show SOME maturity.

lost the old one i could find it if you want me to

If you steal builds that just shows you don’t have any creativity…


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Cheater isn’t in charge of the build team anymore

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its big daddy @igotchu


Application denied due to suspected fraud.

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