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So this kit is pretty simple.

Armour -
Purple-Dyed Leather Hat
Purple-Dyed Leather Tunic
Purple-Dyed Leather Pants
Iron Boots

Main Power-
As soon as you kill a player, you get two extra empty heart slots for 30 seconds, which you can of course fill with soup/regen pot. Maximum 6 extra heart slots.

Side Effect-
Swiftnees 1

Thank you for reading my first kit idea :grinning::grinning:

Correct me if I am wrong but this used to be a kit but was removed due to being really underpowered and just not “fun”


I don’t think it was but maybe it should merged like have only 1 heart, or no swiftness etc.

Aren’t assassins kinda like ninjas? hidden in the shadows, given targets to assassinate?

Or am I thinking of something else?

Different abilities. Kinda the same words.

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I said this kit was underpowered, not over powered, I don’t think the old one had a limit of hearts you could gain and they were permanent and that kit was STILL underpowered. This kit just lacked the creative and interactive gameplay that it needed. Maybe add bonuses like maybe a small jump boost after crouching, if you are going for the assassin idea that is.

Also in general I don’t really think becoming this massive tank is really the play style of an assassin, so maybe you need to either rethink the kit or abilities entirely?

Sorry, I don’t mean for this to come off as mean, I just have high standards for kits.


I was thinking of having an paper as an special item, which gives you an random target, killing the target gives you an random boost, like Speed, Jump Boost, or some Health.

with the cooldown being like 40 seconds so you can’t spam it,

And using the paper again without killing the target gives you an new target and removes the old one.

Just an idea lol

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Nice thinking.

It’s definitely not going off as mean. I’m always looking for constructive criticism on my ideas so thank you for sharing your opinion with me :blush:

I don’t really think it would be underpowered, but I clearly haven’t tried the older version and you apparently have, so I’ll take your opinion into account but honestly it sounds rather balanced and maybe even overpowered compared to the other kits having more hearts and being able to take a soup/pot less sounds like a good kit. So I’ll be open to more suggestions but if I get replies like these, I’ll sure be keen to discard the idea overall.

Again, thanks for your reply :blush::blush::blush:

No, Ninjas were used to gather information, and if provoked,THEN they would attack. Assassins are meant to kill.

And for AbDabTheFab, this kit is kind of like Vampire, giving you extra hearts.


ah, okay, fair enough, it kinda justifies my version of the Assassin Kit, gives users an insentive to kill those they target, for the extra boosts which last like 5-10 seconds idk how long, your choice

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Vampire HEALS your hearts. This ADDS hearts so the amount of hearts on your health bar would be more than 10. I honestly am going to make a new topic with more detail about this kit and definitely change a lot of its abilities.

Well, if this is true, then you just copy and pasted the information…