AlluTheVallu’s Event team application


Timezone:Finland UTC:+2 (Universal time)

How often can you host events

Almost every day

Monday: 12am-6pm

Tuesday: 1pm-5pm

Wednesday: 12am-6pm

Thursday: 3pm-7pm

Friday: 12am-5pm

Saturday: 1pm-5pm

Sunday: 3pm-6pm

Every weekend I cannot be online because I am not every weekend home

What sets you apart from other applicants:

Many players knows me well not everyone but mostly in woolwars server many players recognize me and I am very active player in the server I’ve gotten messages like “Allu you play this A LOT”, “Allu you are always here”

I am very positive player I am never toxic or anything I am always helping others and supporting them in games etc.

And now I have a chance to do something different for the community to have more fun!

I don’t think I have never been rude to anyone in munchy and many players likes me (I hope)

What can you bring to MunchyMC as an Event Member:

A lot of positivity and fun events.
I’d love to do lucky corners, water drops parkour race, bow spleef and deathrun.

Now that I got Legend I’ve been hosting a lot of events when asked like sumo and dodgeball and other events.

I’ve done research on the commands and this is what I know so far:

/eban : Ban a player from joining events and kick them from the event world

/ekick : Kick a player immediately from the event world or the event they are in.

/eunban : Unban a player from joining events if they are banned.

/eventtp : Teleport to a player in the event world or teleport them to you with /eventtphere

/eventtpall: Request players to join your event. If they type /confirm they will be teleported to you.

/eventeffect : Same as /effect but works in event world.

/skit (apply, create and delete)
Skits are used to give players items in events. Skits are inventories that can be saved and loaded

/togglepvp: Turns off pvp

/broadcast: Announces a message in the server

Why do you want to be on the event team:

Because I wanna host events a lot I really enjoy it and I wanna do some more and bigger ones.

I want to help the community to have a lot of fun I’ve already been doing that in woolwars by buying free kit hour for many many times
So everyone can have tons of fun.

Also I am very interested in how the whole event system works and this is my chance so of course I will take it and try to apply

Give us one or more examples of an Event Member(s) doing something positive (I.E. Hosting an event when you asked, allowing you to become the slayer in RR, etc.):

I’ve been part of few events now after I first created this application

@TheBoop let me be in charge of lucky corner spins.

Anything else you would like to add:

My first language is not English so my English is not the best but I always try my best to speak English even if it goes badly wrong so forgive me for it there will be spelling errors and I am sorry for it

And I am from Finland and there are a lot of Finnish players who does not understand English that well so I could easily explain the rules of an event in English and in Finnish

I wanna wish everyone who is applying the best of luck!

You who is reading this, yes you Have a fantastic day or night

I appreciate every feedback i get from this.

I am just gonna say
Thank you who took the time to read this It really means a lot.

1. Edited/added some details
2. Fixed boop tag
3.Added details (about my Finnish)
4. Added edits section


I would say that you did good, that’s a +1 from me!

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Thank you!


  • From what I have seen in game Allu provides a lot of automated events for players and allows them to enjoy the server a lot more and a nice player.<3 gl

Hopefully oBears picks a 3rd lol

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Thank you!


  • Your really nice and helpful in-game.
  • Very active

Best of luck

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Thank you!<3

Best of luck!

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Thank you!

+1 Very active and a friendly person.

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Thank you!


Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Also welcome to the forums!

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+1 :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

+1 ily :3

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Thank you<3

+1 furry

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Thank you!

I noticed that you’ve only joined a month ago. You should become more familiar with the community and role before applying again.

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