Add speed 1 to ranked hotbar in 1v1arena

Would make it more balanced + it makes sense since the full inv kit also has speed 1.

No thank you.


I agree with your point, makes no sense why they make the unranked default kit with speed but ranked without. Also full inventory would be better because if you do bad at the start if your ranked match you basically lost since it is very hard to recover with only one row of soups.

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Why though?

because us people who have been playing with no speed for 3+ years don’t want to transition into speed for everything

It’s only speed 1 dummy, and PvP with speed increases the skill level since It’s harder to aim, which will balance the rank system more (Another factor for high rank, Aim.)

(Reply for Napkin)

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only speed 1 that laggy dumbos like you will be able to win each time