A new rank - Suggestion

So this is a suggestion for a new rank: Member. Players can earn this rank from Admins or how ever the staff team chooses. To get this rank, you need to be a member of the server for at least 1 year; Helped the server out; Been responsible and mature. You do not have to apply to earn this rank. This is only a suggestion but as you know, anything is possible and it is all up to the staff team. But a problem is that this rank is quite similar to Helper rank. Thank you!

Yeah I’d say this is basically just Helper minus the 1 year requirement.


We are all members here no discrimination :upside_down_face:


Yes of course we are all members here!

I think we should have a youtuber rank

That’s what the Media rank is

Media rank is basically legend or elite

not a bad idea

Lol was literally thinking that too.

I have been trying my hardest to get the helper rank from an admin but no-one sees me or notices me! Can someone tell an admin that I’m at least trying!

Staff can tell when you’re tryharding for a rank, and players can to. It just makes you look like you’re only in it for the rank. I suggest just acting like you would if you were around friends all the time, AKA be natural. Don’t fake wanting to help people, don’t add a bunch of :smiley: 's and !'s to sound happy or excited or that kind of stuff, etc.
(I mean overdo the emojis and punctuation by the way, use them the way you want but don’t make it obvious you’re going for the rank lol)

There should be a rank called muncher and you could get it for playing MunchyMC for a year or more! And it would let you have a cool tag and would let you join game betas like a few days before they come out and the rank would be throughout the server! I’m a little iffy on the pre game release playing tho!

That’s literally like half the server…

Lol just realized that! :flushed: