A couple suggestions regarding the forums

I thought I’d give some feedback about the forum interface from what I’ve experienced thus far! I firstly think it’d be best to have a “New Topic” button in an easier spot to see, I couldn’t figure out how to post my first thread for a few minutes because I couldn’t find the button haha. Secondly, I think it’d be easier to understand people if replies were instead under whoever they’re quoting, instead of being at the bottom of a thread (if this makes any sense?).

Thanks for reading!


I agree with making the new topic button bigger, bit not moving the comments to be under who they are responding to. I just feel like this could be confusing.

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I’m not sure if they have much control over these factors, as the forums is not custom coded.

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Yeah I feel, I just figured it might be easier to have a YouTube-like layout for the replies.

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