5 kit ideas

I have 5 kit ideas

No #1 Retreat
Gold Helmet
Diamond Chestplate
Blue Leather Dyed Leggings
Iron boots.

You have a diamond sword

Ability: Evade: You will get to place an evade location by right placing a red block it somewhere and will stay there unless you evade there. Evasion works by if you are under attack you have an Evade Axe which will evade to your location

Kit #2: Octopus
Purple Leather Dyed Helmet
Diamond Chestplate
Iron Leggings
Blue Leather Dyed Boots

You have an iron sword which will pull all people 7 blocks near you toward you if an inc sac is right clicked, like a sudden jerk. 8 seconds cooldown

Kit #3: Dinner
White Leather Helmet
Iron Chestplate
Chainmail Leggings
Diamond Boots.

Iron Sword

Ability: Full Stomach
You stuff someone with so much cake they feel full and get Slowness 2, and feel Nausea after eating so much (Nausea 5). 12 sec cooldown

Kit #4: Saturn
Yellow Dyed Helmey
Iron Chestplate/Leggings
Diamond Boots

Iron sword

Ability: Rings
Around you 5 blocks will be yellow particles and you get Regen 3, and soups do 1 more hitpoint healing, the rings last for 5 seconds and the cooldown is 10 seconds

Kit #5: Elevator
Chainmail Helmet
Iron Chestplate
Chainmail Leggings
Iron Boots

Diamond sword

Ability: Elevate
You go 10 blocks higher where you were before, and it can’t go through walls/will say no safe spot above 10 blocks. For 5 seconds after Elevate, you take no fall damage. Cooldown is 6 seconds.


first one sounds pretty good

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