10 Suggested Changes for Purgatory

I’ve played as an Adventurer on Purgatory pretty much since it’s been online (I have never been banned before, so I’m only speaking as an Adventurer). During my experience I have noticed many problems with it, and these are my 10 suggestions to make it better, while still making it challenging.

  1. Keep inventory when you log off.
    This is the most important one by far, if any of these changes are added, this should be the one. This makes progressing in purgatory near impossible for Adventurers. It overall ruins the experience for everyone, Adventurers as they can’t progress, Banned for the same reason, and Trolls as they are only killing broke people, and there’s no fun to it.

  2. Allow you to pick up experience orbs
    This is important as well. It allows Adventurers and Hackers to get enchantments and be able to get stuff done on the server. It also gives Trolls a chance to troll people with stuff on them, and be able to have some fun with that.

  3. Remove or change the “auto troll”.
    I’m not sure how many people know of this things existence, but it exists, there’s been times when I was the only player online, and I was getting donor level trolls, such as TNT and 5x5x5 holes. If it isn’t removed, at least remove the ones that harm the environment around them so making a base or structure is possible.

  4. Make it so Trolls can use donor “trolls” on Free-Kit-Fridays.
    This makes it more fun for both sides. For Trolls, it allows them to troll players more, and have more fun with it. For Adventurers/Hackers it makes it more challenging and makes it so you have to deal with more than a few basic trolls.

  5. Fix the holes in /Spawn.
    There’s a few holes in /spawn that could be fixed. It’s a small and unimportant thing, but would make spawn look nicer.

  6. Change the steak count for 7 to 8.
    Very small change, just slightly more even.

  7. Fix the spawn protection box around spawn.
    The protection box is off center, as in not even on all 4 sides. For example on one side the protection is longer than another side.

  8. Add a stone axe to the respawn kit.
    This is a small change, but it makes collecting wood at the start slightly faster.

  9. Make it so in the 5x5x5 hole, blocks that hold items either stay, or drop the items.
    This is small but important. As it currently is, you could have a nice base with great items, but it can be deleted immediately. Dropping it is better as it allows you to pick it back up, and makes it so it is actually kind of fun for Trolls to watch, and makes it reasonable for Adventurers/Hackers.

  10. Add achievements for Adventurers that give some coins.
    Hackers have the goal to get unbanned, but there isn’t much for Adventurers. I think it would be fun to add some achievements so Adventurers have goals to strive for. It also gives trolls another opportunity to get in the way of goals.

These are my 10 suggestions in order to improve Purgatory for Trolls, Adventurers, and Hackers. Please leave any ideas you have below, and I’d love to hear back from an Admin. Thank you for your time.

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+1 on all but #4, #9, and #3.

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What about #1? Keep Inventory would make it so hackers can log mid-troll and keep their inventory. Isn’t the point of purgatory to challenge hackers for their unban?

Either way, +1 on the same ones Orips stated.

I meant for adventurers only, maybe a combat log system? Or troll log system, in this case.

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