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[Guide] MunchyMC Introduction/Basics [General] (2)

MunchyMC Introduction Guide ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! New to Munchy? If so, this guide is meant for you! This guide covers a massive majority of what Munch…

[Guide] Purgatory Introduction [General] (3)

Hello Munchies! Today I am going to educate you on the topic of one of Munchy's latest servers, Purgatory! This guide will cover the following: What purgatory is How Purgatory works How being in the new Adventu…

[Guide] Forum Etiquette [General] (2)

Forum Etiquette By CatTech :smirk_cat: Etiquette - conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion. This guide is going to show you a …

[Guide] Format Codes for Forum Posts [General] (13)

Format codes for your forum posts Why use them? They make your posts stand out from the crowd, making them look more tidy, professional and appealing to read. By putting in the extra bit of effort, you will feel proud of…

[Guide] ~ Understanding the Rules [General] (3)

Hey Munchies! So, first of all, do you know the MunchyMC rules? Sometimes I see players commenting on the server, "Can we hack?" That answer is no. 1. Cheating Don't know what I mean by cheating? I mean hacking. H…

[Guide] Reviewing an Application [General] (3)

Hello! In this post I’ll be showing you the format of how to review an application, and hopefully it will help your reviews be more thorough and insightful! First, I would recommend starting with what score you are giv…

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