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[Guide] MunchyMC Introduction/Basics [General] (2)

MunchyMC Introduction Guide ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! New to Munchy? If so, this guide is meant for you! This guide covers a massive majority of what Munch…

[Guide] Purgatory Introduction [General] (3)

Hello Munchies! Today I am going to educate you on the topic of one of Munchy's latest servers, Purgatory! This guide will cover the following: What purgatory is How Purgatory works How being in the new Adventu…

[Guide] Forum Etiquette [General] (2)

Forum Etiquette By CatTech :smirk_cat: Etiquette - conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion. This guide is going to show you a …

[Guide] ~ Understanding the Rules [General] (3)

Hey Munchies! So, first of all, do you know the MunchyMC rules? Sometimes I see players commenting on the server, "Can we hack?" That answer is no. 1. Cheating Don't know what I mean by cheating? I mean hacking. H…

[Guide] Reviewing an Application [General] (3)

Hello! In this post I’ll be showing you the format of how to review an application, and hopefully it will help your reviews be more thorough and insightful! First, I would recommend starting with what score you are giv…

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