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Event Team Roster [Event Team] (1)

Event Team Roster Event Team Manager - Warlock505 | Event Team Manager Event Team Members - CatTech | Event Team Member - NoEffortName | Event Team Member - oBears | Event Team Member - MadInToilet | …

Event Team Recruitment [Open] [Event Team] (1)

Hey Munchies! The Event Management Team is looking for a couple more players to join the Event Team! Being on the Event Team, you have to show maturity, activity, and professionalism, among other things. If you don’t un…

List Of MunchyMC Events [Event Team] (1)

:star::star::star: Hello! This thread is a list of every event on Munchy’s KitPvP server and how to play them. In my opinion, I am very knowledgeable of events as I am an event team member. This list may not be perfect,…

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