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An Updated List Of MunchyMc's Events [Event Team] (2)

Here at MunchyMc, we offer numerous unique events to enhance your experience on our KitPvP server. Below is a list of events which are separated into automatic events (event players can host) and manual events (events th…

Event Team Roster [Event Team] (1)

Event Team Roster Event Team Members - NoEffortName | Event Team Member - blokbasher | Event Team Member - 82602IsBack | Event Team Member - _MythicalSheep_ | Event Team Member - FunnyJustCause | E…

Event Team Applications are Currently CLOSED [Event Team] (3)

Event Applications are currently closed. The remaining event apps will be looked at and judged. Keep an eye on this post for updates on when the Event Applications will reopen.

List Of MunchyMC Events [Event Team] (1)

:star::star::star: Hello! This thread is a list of every event on Munchy’s KitPvP server and how to play them. In my opinion, I am very knowledgeable of events as I am an event team member. This list may not be perfect,…

About the Event Team category [Event Team] (2)
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BlueGaminq Event Team Application ( 2 3 4 ) [Denied] (66)
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82602IsBack's Event Team Application 2 ( 2 ) [Accepted] (35)
Staff Application - Lightny [Denied] (4)
TomatoCodes Event Team Application ( 2 ) [Denied] (28)
Event Member application (Third try) [Denied] (9)
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