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Punishable Offenses [Server Information] (4)

Bannable Offenses 1. Cheating You may not cheat, hack, abuse glitches or do anything else that would give you an unfair advantage over other players. 2. Spam-Botting You may not flood the chat with spam using different …

Server Rules [Server Information] (1)

MunchyMC wishes to not burden our players with a long list of rules, so in the interest of keeping it as simple and straightforward as possible, we’ve summarized our rules into 3 basic guidelines. 1. No Cheating No Che…

MunchyMC Allowed and Disallowed Modifications [Server Information] (2)

No Cheating. You may not use any mods or clients that would give you an unfair advantage over another player. The following mods are NOT allowed: Hacks (Force Field, Autosoup, Fly, Aimbot, Fastheal, Blink, etc.) Cl…

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MunchyMC Newsletter - July 2018 (NO EMOJI CHALLENGE) [Announcements] (14)
Forum Punishable Offences [Forum User Rules] (13)

Hey Munchies! I am making this post to clarify the rules here on the Forums and what punishments one can expect from breaking these rules. Here is a reminder of the rules: Posts must be respectful No bumping posts No …

MunchyMC Newsletter - June 2018 [Announcements] (12)
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MunchyMC Newsletter - April 2018 [Announcements] (14)
MunchyMC Muting Policy [Announcements] (1)

Hey Munchies! The Admin Team and I have come up with a better explanation of mutable offenses, and what punishment to expect as a result from breaking these rules. Low-Level Offenses These include but are not limited t…

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